OneDrive but many steps…


I’m always on the lookout for more storage space in the cloud where I can share files between my devices.

I recently took up Microsoft’s offer on OneDrive while gave you a free 100Gb for a year for existing DropBox users. I was wondering about an alternative to GoogleDrive. I sometimes has problems connecting so if you’ll looking at a file on another device you’re not 100% sure if it’s the latest one.

As the regular pricing is similar to GoogleDrive I thought I’d try it.

Installed fine on iPhone, MacBook Pro, Windows 7 PC…

However nothing installed when run on the Windows 8.1 PC. I discovered that I had to use the preinstalled Windows app rather than the Client version. Which was fine but it wanted me to login using my Microsoft account – which wasn’t the one I’d used on the other installs.

I now have two OneDrive accounts. While it’s always useful to have the cloud space, I’ll stick with GoogleDrive as I’m not confident about where Microsoft will take OneDrive in the future.

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