We have been involved in the computing industry since 1986 (and as WMJ Computing since 1996) providing resources for application development, technical consultancy and training mainly in the PC environment using Microsoft technologies. For further information please use the contact email address below.

WMJ Computing – Assisting business obtain the maximum value from their IT investment.

We provide this through our services:

Consultancy – Identifying the appropriate use of technology for your business.

Investing the right amount in your IT is a difficult balancing act – you may be wasting resources by spending too much while investing too little can cause technical problems for the future. WMJ Computing are committed to finding the best balance for you.

We’re in the process of providing three services that an help your business develop and improve your service to your customers.

Bespoke development – From inception through to implementation and beyond.

We’ve had many years of experience helping companies develop systems to strengthen and support their business aims.

Training – Equipping you and your staff to effectively use your IT tools.

We provide training courses in Microsoft Office technologies – Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet), Access (database), PowerPoint (presentation) and Visual Basic (programming).

Resource bank – Providing the skills where you need them

We are able to draw on a wide range of technical experts. Whether it’s setting up a PC or designing and implementing an extensive Local Area Network we can provide expert and experienced skills.

email: bill@wmjcomputing.co.uk