Cloud storage


I’m often working on different devices (PC, mac, iPhone) so I’ve it helpful to have access to the same files on each device. I love the simplicity of Dropbox and have been using it for years but not so keen on the pricing and opening files on the iPhone can be a bit clunky.
GoogleDrive had been great for pricing ($2 a month for 100Gb). I can keep all my files there and they open up nicely on my iPhone. However some of my computers seem to have a problem connecting to GoogleDrive and so I’m sometimes uncertain if I’m looking at the most recent copy.

So now I’m taking up an offer from Microsoft OneDrive. They too offer $2 a month for 100GB but at the moment are doing a special offer for Dropbox users to wave the fee for the first 12 months.

I’ll report back how it goes.

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