Why the Apple Watch will sell

Today sees the full details of the release of a new Apple product, the Apple Watch.
It’s not clear what the demand will be but I think there is one simple word to explain why the Apple Watch will sell.

It’s called Immediacy.

I used to own a smartphone that wasn’t an iPhone. I loved it and it did things like cut and paste and had a keyboard which the then iPhone didn’t.

There was just one problem with it – I had to hunt through the menu system to get to anything. And then I bought my iPhone and discovered swipe and press. Yes it can’t be customised like other smartphones, but simplicity and ease of use beats lots of difficult to get to functionality.

While many people would disagree, the sales (despite the price) suggest otherwise.

The Apple Watch brings a new level of immediacy. It will be one small step less to pay for items or check messages or record your health metrics, but this one small step will feel like a giant leap to many.

And that’s what will make it sell.

Will I buy one? I’m very tempted but I’ll be putting my money towards an updated iPhone.