August UK Windows Phone User Group

Having missed the first one in London I’ve now registered for the next one next Wednesday.

Having decided to get stuck into iPhone development I now have all the tools – the macbook, the development software and even an iPod Touch to do some real testing on. I have an idea for an app and found a local bunch of iPhone developers.

What I’m lacking is the time to do the development.

Despite this I’m investing a little time in seeing where the Windows Phone has got to.

Will the hardware be good enough to make people buy and use the phone?

Will it just attract hardcore xbox and Zune users?

Will I be tempted back?

I hope to get a few answers on Wednesday and report back.

Developing for the iPhone – 4 months on

I can’t believe it’s been 4 months since taking the iPhone Developers course! To strengthen the teaching, I’ve been working through the videos of the Stanford University iPhone course (posted onto iTunesU), the book Beginning iPhone Development and more recently some of the sample applications from Apple.

There has been a plus side to the slowness in that I decided not to run out and buy an iPhone in February but wait until I had an app ready to test! I’ll probabaly need to get the latest iPhone to test on so that has saved me from buying two iPhone in one year.

It’s Windows Mobile Jim, but not as we know it.

Windows Mobile 7 developer tools were made available at MIX10 this week.

The good news is that they make great use of Silverlight and XNA.

The bad news is that there is no .NET compact framework.

Thus any Visual Basic/C# skills are now redundant for Windows Mobile development.

As a mobility developer I have to decide how I spend my development time. In terms of a target audience it has to be the iPhone and iPad. While I may be competing in a jungle of iPhone apps I fancy my chances more than spending time developing Windows Phone applications for a very small user base.

So watch this space as iPhone Apps start appearing.

And who knows, you may even see the odd Windows Phone app as well.

Registration finally open

Yes I’m now booked into the London Tech Days: Windows Phone 7 Series day on Friday 16th April as registrations opened today.

It will be interesting to see how things have changed from Windows Mobile 6 and I’ll update my findings here.

Clash of technical days

Difficult choice on Friday 16th April. Microsoft have a great looking day on the new Windows Mobile 7 Series Phone while in another part of London there is the SQL Bits user conference.

SQL is used in my day to day work but I am looking at Windows Phone development and as there is very little content around it would be a good day to go to.

I’ll wait and see what the content of each day is going to be before making a decision.


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